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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 7, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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let's switch over to maryland's most powerful doppler radar. nothing going on locally but we take you to the southeast. you can see showers off the ocean. ocean city will be wet today. we could be wet as well withing developing shores. this afternoon, only mid-70s. more coming up in a bit. 5:00. across the country, parents of small children are sending them back to school tomorrow with advice, wash hands often and cough into your sleeve. >> meanwhile colleges are desperately trying to stay ahead of the swine flu outbreak. at least one cap pus has 2,000 cases already. john hendrin has the latest. >> reporter: from grade schools to universities swine flu is targeting the young by the thousands. >> felt pretty fatigued yesterday. i got the chills, low fever that broke this morning. >> reporter: no vaccine available until at least
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october the nation's top educator is recommending this. >> wash hands thoroughly and frequently. >> reporter: wash your hands and cover your mouth. the centers for disease control reports over 9,000 hospitalizations and 593 deaths in the united states due to the h1n1 virus. with little guidance, school officials are making up the rules as they go along. >> you have a fever. self-isolate for 24 hours after the fever has gone down. >> reporter: washington state university has seen 2,000 swine flu cases, the biggest outbreak so far. >> those numbers are alarming, we had to sort of divert our clinic and create one component under strictly influenza.
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>> reporter: but that didn't stop the cougars from playing football this weekend, fans armed themselves with hand sanitizer. >> rather finish the school year strong. >> reporter: in nashville where a grade school student died of the virus some parents refusing to send their kids to school >> until the school can show me they are taking proper action he won't be back. >> reporter: health officials believe thousands of new cases we've seen in schools are just the start. the flu season like the school year has only begun. abc news, washington. today president barack obama keeps the labor day theme as he travels to ohio to address an organized labor group. we have the speech that will play from your child's classroom later this week from the president. linda so joins us with more. >> reporter: the president
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will address students on a speech on tuesday. that speech will be televised live in classrooms across the country but tonight you will be able to get a sneak peek. the obama administration says a copy of the speech will be available on the white house web site later this evening. critics fear the president is using the address to push his own political agenda on children but on sunday the education secretary went on the defensive saying obama only wants to encourage kids to do their best. he will speak of the need to work hard and stay in school. >> so much has been jammed down our throats without us having a chance to digest anything. i think this is adding one more fear. now he's going to our children. >> a lot of hoopla and uncertainty because there's a president who is taking action. >> reporter: some school districts are deciding against taking the live feed.
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that is the case in harford county. school officials in baltimore, anne arundel county and howard county say they will leave it up to individual schools to decide. so far we've not received an answer from baltimore city schools. linda so, abc2 news. 5:03 now. we have a 9-year-old still in the hospital after she nearly drowned over the weekend. it happened just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon, in south baltimore. fire crews give us the address as 2800 light street near the wal-mart in port covington. she was taken to johns hopkins children's center. no word on her condition at this hour. one person dead, another in critical condition after two motorcycles crashed on route 100 in columbia last night. police say both bikers were speeding, one ran into the other, both crashed. 41-year-old ronald parker jr. of mitchellville died at the
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scene. 39-year-old vincent williams of catonsville still in the hospital. another biker remains in critical condition at shock trauma after crashing into the back of a car on the bay bridge. that coupled with the holiday traffic and made a slow traffic day. there's a good idea of what drivers on route 50 experienced between noon and 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the accident closed the entire eastbound span, that's the older two-lane span of the bay bridge. a person is being treated for burns after a boat caught fire while trying to set sail under electrical wires. the mast of the sailboat got stuck under wires in the dundalk area of baltimore county. four people in the boat had to
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jump into the water after a fire started. the four boaters were pulled to safety. one of them taken to johns hopkins hospital for burns. power was restored later in the area. some might call it a grisly discovery but state police are calling it a closed case. saturday a home join in pasadena found remains that appeared to be two feet and possibly a hand. now it turns out those remains aren't human after all. they came from a bear. william speedy made the discovery along riverside drive and called police. >> i can see where the toes were cut off and ankle was cut off at the ankle so you can see the bones. it was just really strange and hope that you never see anything like that again. >> well, police searched with boats and helicopters and dogs and the remains went to the medical examiner. police say the remains were probably thrown out after the
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bear was being repaired for taxi determiney. from bears to mousse overseas. >> i'm moose, a naughty dirt monger from england. >> what? find out moose's art. how it's raising awareness on exactly how dirty the world is. now to justin. >> we we've got rain to the west, rain in the coast, easterly wind. box tops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. so i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste in a bite size roll that my kids can't resist. plus i get two bonus box tops for their school. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. ♪
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hopefully you have the day off but you're joining us so good morning. early. >> early. let's find out about our weather forecast for today. >> we expand the weather coverage on the day we actually have a holiday. the weather's not so great. we check outside now. after we get done looking at the boards we'll actually show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar.
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we've got rain coming in off the coast. you can see putting it in motion it's rolling its way on towards ocean city. they are going to have a wet day and eventually that moisture is going to really saturate the atmosphere and generate rain for us around this side of the bay as well. there's the satellite and radar choiceit. today's not the best labor day. saturday and sunday was gorgeous. 76 downtown today. 74 annapolis. better chance of rain while further from the shoreline, maybe making it up to 75 in columbia. the chance of rain pretty much for everybody. we'll highlight the rest of the forecast coming up in a minute. of course you can follow along with our our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. 5:10. >> another nfl star in trouble with the law before the season opens. what meriman's attorney says really happened. >> it's not the currents but probably the pollution that shut down beaches in new england. why they are off limits to swimmers on this long holiday
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topping business news -- at the g-20 meeting this past weekend in london top finance officials from rich and develop countries agreed to curve hefty bankers' bonuses but the proposed crackdown falls short of european demands after the u.s. and britain shied away from
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imposing a cap. the ministries also pledged to maintain current stimulus measures such as increased government spending and low interest rates. the markets closed for labor day but oil prices remained near $68 a barrel near monday's trading in asia. investors looking for the opec meeting, for a possible change in the cartel's production. however, it's expected the 12-meeting group will likely keep output quotas unchanged. if you prefer a good book over a good movie, two web sites are now offering books for rent similar to the way netflix rents movies. offers classic and new releases, plans starting at $15 a month for three books at a time. is another option, focuses on recent bestsellers and let's you pay to keep the books you like. 5:14. when you think of graffiti
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images of urban decay may pop into your head. one artist is trying to put a green spin on it. >> we hear from a man who calls himself a clean graffiti artist. >> hi, i'm moose. a naughty little dirt monger from england. i draw pictures in the dirt. like this behind me. my message is one of highlighting pollution to the world. whatever i do, because i write in dirt i show people how dirty the world is. i hope you like them. my fascination with dirt started when i was working as a kitchen porter when i was young, as a teenager to make some money. i used to love cleaning. at the end of the day when all the chaos stopped i would spend a half-hour to hour on my own with a buffing machine. it was an -- it was not oc -- it was an ocd but it was
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very clean. it looks quite dramatic, maybe a fear of what's happening with the environment. >> ok, this is the water -- my rainwall collection area. this roof here provides quite a large area for us to collect from. i'm never going to be out of work because we live somewhere that is really dirty and getting dirtier. god, i'm so strong i can't believe it. i mean, really. everything i do is going to be an environmental statement by the fact that i draw in this dirt. as the population grows we're going to get dirtier and make more things we don't need and just dig a bigger and bigger hole for ourselves. the swiss army bug.
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>> i created this kind of horrid chemical waterfall which i'm going to adapt to try and make into a -- an eternity symbol on the marina wall, like this afternoon. i was nearly arrested one day for drawing nowers in a tunnel which is pretty weird. the idea of arresting somebody for cleaning is very english and monte python and, you know, ridiculous. this is my heartbreak hotel, really. the piece i worked on for a couple of years. and which has now been completely vandalized by one of the local street cleaners.
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(bleep) >> i'm making the city lovely. i'm happy with that. i can drink beer now with real gusto. not like i don't normally drink beer with gusto or anything. 5:18, labor day morning. we had a great weekend. we had sunshine and great temperatures both saturday and yesterday, sunday, bringing us 81 degrees on the thermometer. notice a pocket of cool temperatures back in towards the mountains, across the coast. that's with an easterly wind that will start to dominate our weather for much of the upcoming week. what should we expect on the second week of september? down to 60 in the morning, up to 81 in the afternoon in baltimore. 45 the record, that was chilly, in 1962. then you go way back to 1881 to find the record high mark of 101. sun up today and you may not
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see it coming up at 6:41. 7:28 for sunset that is getting two and a half minutes short of daylight each day as we if through the month of september. 67 now, a mild start to the day but it's because of cloud you -- cover, the clouds and wind helped to develop showers around the mid-portion of the bay yesterday. also notice showers off the coast. showers back inland and we're highlighting across the mountains. we're going to get the squeeze play from both directions, eventually something is going to reach us. i think it will be the something across the coast that will reach us first. an old frontal boundary we were watching since last week, still stalled here across the coast. a wave of low pressure pulling up through the outer banks, bad news in the carolinas and ohio valley. they are getting wet. so for us, plan for developing showers, though we're dry this morning, this afternoon only 76 degrees and chance of rain and fog continue, about 67 overnight. we'll check the extended
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forecast in the next half-hour or just watch it at the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. back to you. during the evening,, she was intoxicated and inevenriated and shawn merriman did everything he could to make sure she had transportation. at no time did he assault her or keep her against her will. >> the words from the attorney for the san diego chargers shawn merriman about the alleged assault. his attorney went on to say his client will not be charged in that attack. the outside linebacker was arrested early sunday, accused of choking and restraining the reality star. the investigation begins today to learn what caused the driver of a prison van to veer off the interstate and down an embankment. it happened yesterday in
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hattiesburg, mississippi. deputies say the van plunged off the interstate, overturned and killed the driver. a guard and two prisoners were critically injured. the van was carrying nine inmates from texas and louisiana to other detention centers. gentlemen, time to start your engines. or maybe not. police in cornelius, north carolina, released this surveillance video of a car theft from two weeks ago. crooks took a car belonging to denny hamlin. one of nascar's rising stars. video shows the two men taking the black lexus from the driveway. it was taken from the back of a cul-de-sac surrounded by expensive homes with a lot of security. 5:21. just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water some real life jaws off the coast of massachusetts. four great white sharks have been spotted off of cape cape cod. so many beaches in the area have been closed for the rest of the labor day weekend because of it. scientists are looking at the bright side.
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5:24. we're expecting to have showers as the day wears on. we start cloudy this morning and we're expecting a temperature of about 76 degrees as our two-degree guarantee in
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downtown baltimore. we're going to take it back to the north and west where it's 74 in westminster. 75 parkton. a better chance of showers developing there as well into the afternoon. and we'll take you across towards harford and cecil county. 74 aberdeen, elkton 75. showers developing this afternoon. we go from mid-70s today, mid to upper 60s overnight. the chance of rain will continue through tomorrow. the storm tries to pull out of here and another one swings in behind it. we'll briefly get to 78, partly sunny wednesday, with showers and thunderstorms. 75 thursday. and then we'll push upper 70s back to near 80 by next weekend. another shot of showers on friday. 5:25. we'll be right back after this. interesting grooming. thanks. i did it to let the judges know that my dog is the right choice. i got the idea from general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box
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or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. lyrica may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people. some of the most common side effects of lyrica are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. do not drink alcohol while taking lyrica. you should not drive or operate machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. could your pain be caused by fibromyalgia? ask your doctor about lyrica today.
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it takes an accident to find out what more news investigators have for us today about the dc metro. to hear or not to hear, that is the question. will you give your child permission to listen to the president in school this week? in a few hours it will all be over. the summer, the holiday weekend and the stay fair. boo hoo. in the meantime, good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. weather every four minutes here today. here's justin berk. >> does seem like it, doesn't it? 5:28. just gives me more time to tell you, we've already seen the best part of the weekend weatherwise. this morning cloudy skies. we'll take you to howard county, oakland mills middle school in columbia, 64 degrees. look at the wind from the east. that easterly wind, this part of the world, piles in moisture off the chesapeake and from the
5:29 am
atlantic, gives us clouds and keeps us cool and eventually we'll start adding rain into the mix as well. officially 67 in baltimore. 64 up towards york, pennsylvania. down towards easton, 63. then you find muggy 70s from pax river to ocean city at 76 degrees. showers trying to come in off the water. back in towards the mountains. today we're only getting to 76 with more showers this afternoon. 5:29. back to you. >> is it a teaching tool or propaganda? the president wants to talk to your kid tomorrow in school. will you allow this to happen? abc2 news linda so is here to report. >> reporter: good morning. parents we spoke with seem to have mixed feelings about obama's classroom speech. the white house will release a copy of the speech on its web site this evening so parents can make an informed decision. critics fear the president is using the address to push his political agenda on children but on sunday the education secretary went on the defensive saying obama only wants to encourage kids to do their best. he will speak of the need to
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